Widows Sons  Chronological History
....From the Widows Sons Archives


Founded: February 18,1998 at the Mirage Restaurant in Schiller Park, Illinois by Carl Davenport. Originally just called “The Widows Sons” the first chapter and its members were all members of El Jaala Grotto and the El Jaala Motor Patrol.  Here are the Widows Sons White Papers written one month after the founding of the Widows Sons, and the founding minutes of the meeting that started it all.

Brother Davenport had been working on a site “MasonicBiker.com” and then the "Mastermason.com/widows sons" website to reach out on the Internet to see if others might be interested in forming chapters of the Widows Sons in their area.

The second chapter of Widows Sons was formed in the Netherlands, in June of 1998.  Minutes of the meeting approving the second chapter of Widows Sons.  

Connecticut, and Florida formed chapters a couple weeks apart, and many new potential members who were waiting to start chapters began discussions about the Widows Sons being organized internationally. Some of these brethren were involved with the efforts of transforming the Widows Sons into an International Association were: Nico Lulofs of the Netherlands, Bill Zimmerman of Connecticut, Rich Greenberg of California, Anthony Harper of Georgia/Florida, Jeffrey Rosenberg of Boston, Gerard Cannoo of Capetown South Africa,  Richard Prina of Arizona and  Armando  Nunez of Florida,  It should be noted that not all of those mentioned above were successful in creating chapters but were making an active effort to do so. Three other chapters were chartered in 1998, but dropped out a month or so later,  Illinois is the only 1998 chapter that remains today of the o riginal chapters that were chartered in 1998. The Netherlands were the second,  making the Widows Sons an international organization in June of 1998, and about two years later Connecticut, and then  Florida.  Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio formed chapters after the Netherlands and before Connectcut  and Florida, but those four disappeared. Then about two months before Connecticut, Indiana and Ohio started a second group but didn't last.

When Florida was chartered, with four chapters now chartered,  a need for a logo became necessary. So the "Widows patch" was designed, and sent to Florida to be made. They were made in Florida and hand delivered to Chicago by Armando Nunez.

The domain, " WidowsSons.com" was purchased on January 18, 2002 and a website was revised and  uploaded to the domain.  Requests started flowing in. Several interested brethren responded and work began on forming an association.

A significant year: In February 2004 shortly after Brother Davenport was forced into a hiatus due to a serious illness, Armando Nunez was serving as an organizer for the association and due to Brother Carl’s unavailability,  crafted a plan to “administratively” divide the Widows Sons into 2 jurisdictions, the Northern & Southern Jurisdiction. Each jurisdiction would be charged with geographical assignments giving them the duty of chartering new chapters in their respective states and countries. Brother Fred Broecker, the secretary of the Illinois Grand Chapter, was appointed as the head of the Northern Jurisdiction and Brother Armando appointed as the head of the Southern Jurisdiction. This was announced to the membership in February 2004, and a month later by mutual agreement of Brother’s Broecker & Nunez, the New England Jurisdiction was formed, putting Brother Bill Zimmerman as its head. The Widows Sons operated under 3 National Jurisdictions from 2004 through September of 2008 when the jurisdictions were combined back into one in order to offset perceptions of disunity or separate organizations.

In May of 2004 the alternate/modern logo (winged logo) was introduced in order to appease concerns regarding the ‘Masonic relevance” of the original Widows logo. The modern logo was first regarded as the Northern Jurisdiction logo but was later adopted by some states in the Southern Jurisdiction (Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky).

The UK Chapter of the Widows Sons  introduced their own alternative logo, and separated themselves from the Masonic Riders Association by calling themselves the Masonic Bikers Association. The original Widows logo was copyrighted in 2003 and the winged logo was copyrighted in 2004. The UK logo was never copyrighted because it was not an original design and it did not promote the exclusive identity of the Widows Sons. 

Brother Armando Nunez resigned from his position as a national organizer and active member of the Widows Sons in 2005. His chosen replacement was Brother Karl Seigal of the Knights of the East chapter of Florida.

In 2006, Brother Bill Zimmerman left the Widows Sons and his replacement for the director of the New England Jurisdiction was Brother Frank DeFeo who was appointed by Brother Broecker in 2006. In 2006 Brother Seigal resigned as a national organizer due to the death of his father and Scott Frum was appointed as his replacement by the Florida State Board.

The state of Alabama  adopted the winged logo.
The first Widows Sons Degree and “Branding” was held at the Hawg Valley Bike Rally in Madisonville Kentucky in 2007. The degree was written by Brother’s Jeff Wilson, Robert Lee Curtis, and Ken Sarver of the Traveling Gavel Grand Chapter of Kentucky. Brothers in attendance were from the states of Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Virginia. Brother Mark Sawyer the Grand Chapter President of Virginia came up with the idea of branding our vests and the practice was incorporated as a traditional part of the degree.

The first Grand Gathering was held in 2007 in Newport Beach Virginia. The 2nd Grand Gathering was held in 2009 in Kentucky, the 3rd Grand Gathering was held in 2011 in Ontario Canada, and the 4th Grand Gathering was held in Maine.

In 2007 the Widows Sons of Texas applied for recognition as a Masonic organization during their Grand Lodge Communication. The ballot was passed in their favor but a motion was placed on the floor for more discussion and a re-vote. During the subsequent re-vote, acceptance was denied by a failing vote in favor of their application. In 2008 the new Grand Master of Texas issued an edict banning all Texas Masons from being members of the WSMRA. The edict affected over 300 brethren in the state of Texas.

The first Regional Gathering was held in Bentonville Arkansas in 2008, the 2nd Regional was held in Indianapolis Indiana in 2010, and the 3rd Regional was held in Connecticut in 2012.

In September of 2008 Brother Broecker resigned as a national organizer for the Northern Jurisdiction and conducted an election at a regional gathering to select Brother David Adams as his replacement. This occurred at the Regional Rally in Arkansas and during a meeting of Brother Broecker, Armando Nunez, Lynn Graham of Texas, Scott Frum of Florida, and David Adams, it was decided to eliminate the jurisdictions and have the 3 coordinators/organizers (Brothers DeFeo, Frum, and Adams) share chartering responsibilities without geographical assignments.

In 2009, a clandestine website named widowssonsinternational was uploaded  by Big John of Virginia, keeping the owners identity  a secret, and a forum was added.  They claim to this day that it is owned by the members, which is not true. They named the forum, the "SCUM" forum.

In September of 2010 the 3 brothers serving as coordinators or organizers were retired from those positions by Brother Davenport. Chartering was now to be done by sponsoring Grand Chapters in the Association. The first state to charter a new Grand Chapter was Montana which had chartered the state of Wyoming. Wyoming subsequently chartered the Grand Chapter of Mexico. Later in 2012 the state of Kentucky sponsored and chartered the Grand Chapter of West Virginia.

Upon the retiring of the Coordinators, the clandestine forum at widowssonsinternational.com  website became a vocal point for restoring the coordinators. They named themselves the SCUM forum. This forum was used by former Coordinators Scott Frum,  David Adams, and  James Mowel of CT,  Mike Wade of Alabama, Alan "Habbie" Patterson of Scotland,  and Big John of Virginia to create confusion among the craft in their agenda of if they can't have Coordinators, they would destroy the Widows Sons from within. They began using the forum to cause disharmony and a split within the Widows Sons by attacking the founder's reputation, and the brothers who helped build the Widows Sons from the beginning.


Brother Davenport married and moved to England. He immediately asked the President and Vice President of the Northumberland chapter to aid and assist widows and orphans first before any other charity, and to change their name and logos back to match the rest of the organization. They refused.

In January Brother Davenport founded the Widows Sons Magazine (aka WSMag). The mag was created to publish Widows Sons and Masonic information. Here's the first issue

Brother Davenport asked the Northumberland PGB President to drop the national governing board , to aid and assist widows and orphans first before any other charity, and to change their name and logos back to match the rest of the organization. They again refused.

On May 19th, The Illinois Chapter of Widows Sons and Fred Broecker, the copyright holder, and owner of the intellecttual property, signed a Fair Use Agreement with stipulations of how they could use the logo.

On  July 10, 2012, Brother Fred Broecker the logo copyright holder received an unusual request from the Presidents board in Illinois. It was a request that he turn over his rights to the copyright of the Widows Sons Logo to the Presidents board. This same board held a meeting a few weeks later to remove the founder and Fred from the Illinois Widows Sons. It later became known this board was elected and acted illegally and all their damages were restored.   Here's the letter.

A new 15th Anniversary patch was introduced for the 15th year of the Widows Sons. Several other anniversary items such as two different anniversary coins, wood carvings, a Widows Sons Clock and a few other items.

Brother Davenport asked the UK widows Sons to drop the national governing board , to aid and assist widows and orphans as a first priority before any other charity, and to change their name and logos back to match the rest of the organization. They again refused.   As a result, all WSMRA charters operating under the WSMBA in England, Scotland and Ireland were revoked . A new WSMRA chapter, the Sentinels, was chartered in Suffolk, England. The England Scotland and Ireland chapters were invited to become a part of the Masonic Riders Association.  They refused.

On February 13, 2013 Alan "Habbie" Patterson, from Scotland and  member of the Widowssonsinternational SCUM forum used the forum and began a letter campaign. He asked members of the group  to write
derogatory  letters to the UK Border Agency to prevent the founder from returning to England to be with is family.

In November of 2013 the Founder Brother Davenport initiated the incorporation of the WSMRA as a national Not-For-Profit Association, based in the State of Illinois. Upon receiving its own legal identity, Brother Broecker would transfer ownership of the winged logo copyright to the WSMRA. Carl appointed the first Executive Council and  began looking for a piece of land to start a Widows Sons Campground where the Widows Sons could  hold bi-annual conventions for the elections of the Executive Council Officers and  to propose and vote on  bylaws changes to be voted upon by the entire membership at the bi-annual conventions.

November 21, 2013,  Andy Reynolds, President of a non recognized chapter in Rochester, New York, registered a trademark application for the artwork  of the Widows Sons logo, which was done  and copyrighted in 2004 by Fred Broecker and  the WSMRA.  Mr. Reynolds was  claiming under oath that he did the artwork for the logo.  

It was either 2012 or 2013 when Mike "Stickman" Wade of the Dixie Travelers of Alabama, and Armando Nunez teamed up to write their own undocumented version of the history of the Widows Sons using the copyrighted logo of the Widows Sons without permission. They copyrighted and published a cd of the undocumented history of the Widows Sons. The WSMRA denies any truth in this video as it was made by one suspended WS member and one retired WS member who, neither of them, were present when the Widows Sons were founded. Armando joined two years after the Widows Sons were founded, missing a lot of activity in the early history.  Armando quit the Widows Sons in  2005, losing all communication, only to resurface in 2013. Mike "Stickman" Wade was made a nomad member in the mid 2000's as a favor, was allowed to join before a chapter was formed in Alabama.
The WS-Story by Armando Nunez: Part 1 is documented, Part 2 is undocumented.
December, 1999 WS-Story Part 1 by Armando Nunez
2012 WS-Story Part 2 by Armando Nunez

On December 12, 2013, the Grand Master of Massachusetts, Richard Stewart, issued an edict against the Massachusetts Widows Sons barring any member of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts from being a member of the Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association. The Edict.

France regained recognition from mainstream Freemasonry and a the Pathmos Eagle Grand Chapter of France was chartered by President Forrest McCracken, of the Sentinel Suffolk, England Grand Chapter, with the Special  Guest of the Widows Sons of France, Worshipful Brother Carl Davenport, present to obligate the Pathmos Eagle Grand Chapter President and begin the chartering ceremony. At this ceremony, Italy was given the ok to begin forming the Grand Chapter of Italy.

Minnesota began forming a Grand Chapter.  All the paperwork has been approved and they are waiting to be chartered.

Germany is approved and are waiting to be chartered.

The WSMRA is negotiating with several other Masonic Riding Associations to become integrated into the WSMRA.

Two new groups will be subsidiaries of the Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association. They are formed and are waiting approval of the Executive Council to join the Widows Sons and serve Masonry in a larger capacity by performing the responsibilities of serving other Masonic functions and bringing motorcycle awareness internationally.

The Widows Sons European Union was formed to help the European Countries organize and remain within the founding intentions.

France held it's second annual gathering with members from Italy, Belgium, California, and England attending.

A new chapter was formed in South France.

A new Grand Chapter has began forming in Brazil.

After the Kentucky State Rally, Kentucky, due to a an Alliance breakaway group division in the state,  lost two chapters, one joining the Low Twelve Riders, one going independent.

Three Widows Sons chapters waiting to be chartered joined the Low Twelve Riders in Florida.

Illinois One Five chapter received a award for aiding and assisting widows and orphans of Master Masons in Illinois.

The Grand Guard International, a hobby based group, was introduced to Freemasonry. Its purpose is to assist Masonic Districts in putting on funeral rituals under the supervision of the Masonic Districts. This will be accomplished by bringing together brothers who have similar hobbies into hobby groups, and forming Funeral Ritual Teams in Masonic Districts from those hobby groups. Interested parties can contact the Grand Guard International through the Widows Sons websites.

The Kings Guard chapter was chartered by the Grand Chapter of Widows Sons in Long Island New York and immediately began to disrupt the Widows Sons and form a hostile takeover of the state. Due to an illness, Lee Thompson was unable to keep control of his state, and the Kings Guard coerced his members to join their team. This is a violation of the founding landmarks. There is one Grand Chapter per masonic jurisdiction.
Shortly after, Andy began organizing other states to rebel against the Founder with a smear campaign against the Founder and the International Secretary and what the Widows Sons were founded to be. They claimed Army Nunez was the founder. (letter from Army  White Papers  Founding Meeting Minutes )

Andy Reynold's entire campaign is based on the myth in Masonic thinking, that one Mason will not lie to another Mason. This is far from the truth. No fact or rumour should be passed on to another brother until they are proven and verified to be true by checking with all sources and targets of the fact or rumour.  Anyone who receives facts and passes them on without verifying them is a tool for those who begin the rumors or facts.

 Several chapters have left the Widows Sons because of the false atmosphere Andy Reynolds and his cohorts created with the unverifiable facts and false rumors they have spread. Check the facts with all sources and targets before you believe or distribute them.

Andy Reynolds then falsified Trademark documents saying he didn't know of anyone using the Widows Sons logo at that time other than the Kings Guard chapter. Documentation shows otherwise.  Andy had sent letters to the Grand Chapter of New York asking to be chartered by them previous to his trade marking the Widows Sons intellectual property. The state trade mark was issued for the State of New York and is only enforceable for violations in the state of New York.

After the issue of the trademark, Andy began selling "trademark protection" to other Chapters of Widows Sons. Andy knew his trademark is only good in the state of New York, but fraudulently sold "trademark protection" to chapters, for $2 per member.  Andy didn't inform these chapters that his "trademark protection" was only enforceable in the State of New York. 

Like many other of his claims, Andy's trademark has become  another fraud to enable him to profit off the WSMRA members who have not been properly informed.

The Kings Guard and the alliance is not recogized by the Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association. The alliance is a breakaway group, organized by Andy Reynolds, and supported by Army Nunez, James Mowel, Army Nunez, Scott Frum, Mike Stickman Wade, Big John Pawlowski, Dan Akers, and a few others. The alliance does not follow the founding goals and intentions of the Widows Sons, although they use our exact verbiage on their website. The alliance is a radical group within the Widows Sons trying to overthrow the foundation of the Widows Sons and install themselves as national or international officers.

In 2016, the alliance began a harassment campaign threatening a law suit against the Low Twelve Masonic Bikers Association and the claiming the logo of the Low Twelve was too similar to the Widows Sons logo. The Low Twelve was given permission to use their logo by the copyright holder several years before Andy Reynolds fraudulently trade marked the logos and began claiming that the Widows Sons Official website was using their trademarked logo.

The Widows Sons logo, was copyrighted by its designer, Fred Broecker, in the early 2000's, and after it was used for years by the Widows Sons. Andy claimed on the affidavit that he created the logo, and did not know of anyone else using the logo.  The Grand Chapter of Long Island, New York was supplanted by Andy Reynolds and his Kings Guard chapter because the Long Island Grand Chapter was already in place in Long Island, New York. (See New York clarification letter).

The alliance fraudulently claims it was formed to "protect" chapters from the Widows Sons International Executive Committee. The executive committee was formed to comply with the law reguarding corporations when the Widows Sons were incorporated. The alliance spread the rumour that the Executive Committee was going to take the patches away from anyone who didn't comply with their demands. Another falsehood. The alliance made this claim to advance their own agenda of international officers, (themselves as officers).  The Executive Committee's only demand was that the Widows Sons follow their purpose of the founding in 1998. (see white papers)

On May 5th, our founder, Worshipful Brother Carl A Davenport received an email from a person claiming to be a Professor Larry Adams of the spurious alliance group.  The letter attempted to threaten Worshipful Brother Carl. It was demanded that Worshipful Brother Davenport remove the Widows Sons logo from the international website within 5 days or the alliance would file a Trademark infringement complaint seeking $10k per day if it was continued to be used.. The letter 

Puerto Rico began organizing a chapter in Puerto Rica.

In June a reassignment of the Grand Chapter Charter was awarded to the Masons Chapter of Widows Sons in Missouri.

France held its 3rd annual European Gathering in June.

In September, As the first step in reclaiming the logo, the Executive Committee of the Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association issued a fraud alert on the international website after the newly rechartered Grand Chapter of Missouri was threatened by Andy Reynolds, of the unrecognized Kings Guard Chapter of New York. The Fraud Alert first lays out the fraudulent act by Andy Reynolds, and then states the US Copyright Office's penalties for fraud  in a copyright  infringement.  The fraud notice can be viewed at http://widowssons.com on the lower right column of the page. This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

The new Grand Chapter of Germany was chartered on October 15th at the
Castle WEWELSBURG  in Paderborn, Germany, in spite of several attempted interferences from the alliance's Andy Reynolds and a George Young from the expelled Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association of England to try and force the Grand Chapter President to join the alliance.  Recognized Widows Sons chapters from France, Belgium, and Italy attended. Visitors included the Masonic Bikers of Denmark, The Low Twelve Riders of Germany, the Masonic Bikers of Austria, and several independent Bikers of Europe. Several of independent Riders present expressed interest in beginning Widows Sons chapters across Europe after seeing the chartering ceremony. The Chartering was performed  by the Widows Sons of France, with Founder WB Carl A Davenport obligating the new Grand Chapter President and presenting him his vest.  Shortly after the chartering, the first Executive Council Meeting was held and the Executive Council was made an official body of the WSMRA.
Here's the history of Castle WEWELSBURG. Photos of the event are available on the Widows Sons International Facebook page the France Widows Sons page and several other pages of the friends of the European Widows Sons Facebook pages.

The first Widows Sons Campground was opened on August 4-6.  Opening Ceremonies were held at the Campground in Galena, Missouri, with Founder, Carl A Davenport, holding a ceremony to christen the campground and kick off the August 4-6 Widows Sons celebrations. Other Widows Sons campgrounds are in discussion to open in other national and international jurisdictions  in the future.

The Widows Sons Museum was founded after the chartering of the Masons Chapter as the new Grand Chapter of Missouri, and  the opening of the campground. The Masons Grand Chapter of Missouri Widows Widows Sons will operate the Widows Sons museum.

The Masons Grand Chapter of Missouri President, Brother Rick Casada, received the blessing of the Grand Lodge of Missouri in the Missouri restructuring and removal of the alliance members from Missouri.  The WSMRA thanked RW Richard Smith, the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Missouri in a letter.

Several new chapters are forming in Europe and in the U.S. will be chartered in 2017.

Andy Reynolds and his unrecognized non WSMRA Kings Guard Widows Sons groups in the State of New York re-wrote the bylaws of the NY Widows Sons to eliminate any authority over the New York chapters by the GL of NY or the WSMRA. The verbiage, the Widows Sons are a group made up of Master Masons,was changed in the membership requirements of his bylaws to eliminate any association to Freemasonry or the WSMRA and  allowing 1%ers, women and non-Masons to become members in the Widows Sons of New York.

NY 2014 Bylaws                         2016 NY  Bylaws                   NY 2016 Bylaws

During the GL of NY  investigation of the unrecognized Kings Guard chapter in NY, our founder WB Carl A. Davenport made a request to the Grand Master of New York asking that the Grand Master of NY allow one Widows Sons chapter to operate in his jurisdiction and report directly to the Executive Council. After several conversations with those claiming to be Widows Sons in New York, and  several social media disputes determined not to be for the good of Freemasonry, and the attacking the character of other Masons, on September 4, 2017  the request was withdrawn by the Executive Council of the WSMRA, and the Grand Master of New York was informed by a letter from the Executive Council that the WSMRA no longer desired to recognize or be represented by chapters of Widows Sons in the State of New York.

On September 19, 2017 RW Jeffrey M. Williamson, the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the State of New York issued an edict against Andy Reynolds and the alliance Widows Sons chapters in New York state. 

Edict page 1    Edict page 2
(more about NY below in Chronological order)

The 20th Anniversary merchandise was created and is on sale in August 2016. A webpage was set up at http://widowssons.ws/20 to display the merchandise.


On October 10. 2017, Andy Reynolds filed a frivilous Trademark Infringement Lawsuit against our Founder, Carl A. Davenport. The Trademark Andy filed for without permission of the creator and copyright holder and owner of the intellectual property, Fred Broecker.  Andy Reynolds' frivilous lawsuit.

A New York Masonic Trial was held on or about November 22, 2017, at Northfield Lodge, No. # 426, 17 Church Street, Pittsford, New York, with the plaintiff  being Most Worshipful Grand Master of New York, and the defendant being  Andreas Reynolds (aka Andy Reynolds).  Andreas Reynolds was found guilty on all Masonic charges and was expelled from Freemasonry by the Grand Lodge of New York.

Here is the verdict of the Grand  Master of New York vs. Andreas Reynolds.

MAY 19 2018: The Grand Chapter of Italy was chartered in Lyon, France by the Widows Sons  France.  Founder, WB Carl Davenport , obligated  Brother Maurizio, the Italian Grand Chapter President,  while wearing Brother Maurizio's vest, and presented the vest and the Grand Chapter handbook to Brother Maurizio after the obligation.

WB Davenport also placed their vests on their backs, in ceremony, to the rest of the Italian Widows Sons present, and placed their vests on their backs, in ceremony to all present who were newly approved probationary Chapters of Widows Sons, from Switzerland, Sweden, Luxembourg, and new members of the Widows Sons France and Belgium.

The European Widows Sons, along with Carl and Teresa Davenport, celebrated Teresa's 55th birthday in Lyon, France on May 20.

The Widows Sons International Forum on the Widows Sons MRA International  website at http://international.widowssons.com was re-opened  in June.

On June 13th,  MW Paul F. Gleason, Grand Master of Massachusetts, revised the Widows Sons December 12, 2013 edict of WGM  Richard Stewart.  The revision   Massachusetts Note 

In November, France decided they were not going to participate in the European council effective immediately, and President Phaleg withdrew France from the Council .  It was accepted by all chapters.

The Grand Chapter of Switzerland was chartered.  The Grand Chapter of Bulgaria was accepted  into the European Council and a European Council Charter was issued.

The European Executive Council held its annual meeting in Brussels.  Present were Belgium, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, Carl Davenport ,and members representing France as observers,  were invited.  France was an observer because they pulled out of the EU Council last November.  The leaving of France was discussed, and they were asked to  decide whether they want to remain a member of the EU Council.
A Museum was mentioned without discussion.  The next Council meeting will be held in Rome, Italy from Feb 21 - 23, 2020.

Carl Davenport and Belgium discussed the Widows Son Museum and it will be discussed in the future.

France has decided to remain in the Council.

Bulgaria purchased a lodge building and offered to host the Widows Sons museum. Discussion will be had between Belgium, Bulgaria and Carl Davenport during the next Executive Council session. Discussion was cancelled.

On October 10. 2017, Andy Reynolds filed a frivilous Trademark Infringement Lawsuit against our Founder, Carl A. Davenport. The Trademark Andy filed for without permission of the creator and copyright holder and owner of the intellectual property, Fred Broecker.  Andy Reynolds' frivilous lawsuit.
On October 22, 2019, the lawsuit was dismissed by the United States District Court Western District of New York by Judge
Charles J. Siragusa . Here is the dismissal order and the order of judgement

On December 19th,  the Grand Chapter of Bulgaria chartered three (3) new Grand Chapters form  Greece, Russia and Serbia.  The Bulgaria Widows Sons opened up their medical service with an ambulance equipped to check and treat those in need in the villages of Bulgaria.  We had a visit to two of the three (3) Widows Sons children's homes and the visit was the highlight of the Bulgaria trip. The Bulgarian Widows Sons also took charge of managing a 15th century church and its grounds.


January: France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland
On January 20, 2020, it was determined by the Widows Sons International Masonic Riders Association that we have had four Grand Chapters operating in our European Executive Council who are not members of recognized Grand Lodges.  Therefore, effective immediately, the charters of The Grand Chapters of France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland are no longer valid, and we no longer recognize them as a part of our organization.
Therefore, anyone desiring to communicate with them should do so through the Secretary of your lodge and your Grand Secretary.
Also. The European Executive Council is no longer operating under the umbrella of the Widows Sons International Masonic Riders Association.

Here is the notifications we have posted for all recognized grand Chapters.


Dennis Kaktusz
Greetings Brothers & Those who are among us that have no place here.

We have been in communication with almost four dozen Grand Lodges throughout the world and we have come to the conclusion some of the Widows Sons Chapters have been made by Lodges that are not recognized by The Commission on Information for Recognition (The Conference of Grand Masters of Masons of North America) Nor found recognized by U.G.L.E or any regular Grand Lodges within the lists of Recognized Lodges.

For those of You who belong to an Unrecognized Lodge like the Grand Orient etc We ask You to please remove Yourself without any drama.

Most U.S. WS Chapters are made by Brothers who hail from a Recognized Lodge. Most the chapters popping up in Latin America are from unrecognized lodges or clandestine groups. Some of the chapters in Western Europe are from unrecognized lodges. Some of the chapters popping up in Asia are also from Unrecognized Lodges that were chartered by misc chapters from the USA. We will add a list in comments as we weed them out.

Please help us keep things in order. Lets keep comments drama free.

I look forward to working together, along with all such true and lawful Brethren as may be permitted to associate with them operating always in full accordance with Masonic code of The Grand Lodge.




January 23, 2020 10:02 am by Carl A Davenport

Here is Article 3 Section 3.02 of the original bylaws of the Widows Sons (1998)

Section 3.02

From the Widows Sons Bylaws 1998
Upon approval of the Widows Sons Illinois Founding Grand Chapter petitions for membership in the Widows Sons can be accepted from those who have successfully petitioned a blue lodge recognized by The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of the State of Illinois, upon the Lodge’s acceptance of their petition. EA and FC Masons accepted into the Widows Sons can not vote or hold office or, in the future, wear any future trademarks, patches or items identifying them as a Widows Son until they have completed their Master Mason Degree.

This rule was applied from the beginning to all new Grand Chapters. The first was the Netherlands who also stated in their bylaws that a member of the Widows Sons must be a member of a recognized lodge recognized by the Recognized Grand Chapter in the Netherlands.

The following Grand Chapters chartered in the United States and worldwide were also required to be members of a recognized Grand Lodge.

Being a member of a Grand Lodge recognized by mainstream Freemasonry has been required standard for the Widows Sons since the beginning.

In 2014, the UGLE re-recognized the
Grande Loge Nationale Française and a Grand Chapter claiming to be recognized by the Grande Loge Nationale Française was chartered by Forrest McCrackin the President of the Grand Chapter of Suffolk, England.

A few months later the Grand Chapter who were chartered By the Grand Chapter of Suffolk were removed and replaced by the present day Widows Sons Grand Chapter of France, who are members of an unrecognized Grand Lodge in France.

Three (3) new Grand Chapters were chartered by this second grand Chapter of France, one (1) in Belgium, one (1) in Italy and one (1) in Switzerland have expanded the investigation to determine whether these three (3) chapters consist of members from recognized Grand Chapters.  Over a few years of inquiring of these Grand Lodges by the Widows Sons Executive Council, it has been determined the Grand Chapters of France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland are recognized by Grand Orient Grand Lodges who are not recognized by Mainstream Freemasonry. 

Therefore, on the morning of the 20th of January, 2020, the Widows Sons International Masonic Riders Association has withdrawn recognition of the Grand Chapters of France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland, and these four (4) Grand Chapters are no longer Widows Sons Grand Chapters because the Grand Lodges they are affiliated with are not recognized by The Commission on Information for Recognition, The Conference of Grand Masters of Masons of North America, nor by U.G.L.E,  nor any regular Grand Lodges within the lists of Recognized Lodges.

A letter was posted on the Widows Sons Facebook group,
https://www.facebook.com/groups/widwossons/  and was posted in the email chain of the European Widows Sons Executive Committee on January 21, 2020 to notify all Grand Chapters of non recognized Grand Lodges to remove themselves from the Widows Sons rank and file.


NOTICE TO ALL GRAND CHAPTERS These are two letters that were posted on Facebook and in the Europe email chain.

Dear Brothers,
In accordance to the January 2020 findings of the Widows Sons International Masonic Riders Association, the Executive Council of Europe is no longer a workable body of the Widows Sons International Masonic Riders Association due to four Executive Council Grand Chapters being members of the European Executive Committee, and not being members of recognized Grand Lodges. These chapters are France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland.

Due to this finding, we no longer have any Masonic purpose to be a part of or be in communications with the members of the European Executive Council. As of January 30, 2020, the European Council is no longer and entity of the Widows Sons International Masonic Riders Association. It is no longer operating under the auspices of the Widows Sons International Masonic Riders Association.

Therefore, anyone desiring to communicate with them should do so through the Secretary of your lodge and your Grand Secretary.

Please take due notice and govern yourselves accordingly.

January 10, 2021,  The updating of the International Chapters page was postponed until further notice. Details will be announced as they become avaialble.

January 11, 2021,  The first issue of the 2021 WSMag was postponed until later this year. It will be announced when the WSMag will continue operations.

April 8th, 2021, a Federal Copyright Infringement Complaint was filed by Worshipful Brother Fred Broecker, in the Federal Courts of the Western District of New York, naming Andreas Reynolds, the alliance, and the Kings Guard non recognized chapter of New York, as defendents.

April 11, 2021 the Grand hapter of Kernow was chartered by the Wyoming Grand Chapter. The WSMRA welcomes the Brothers of the Kernow Provincial Grand Chapter.

July 17, 2021 The West Wales Grand Chapter was chartered by the Kernow Grand Chapter. WSMRA welcomes the Brothers of the West Wales Provincial Grand Chapter.

Sept 10-12, The Kernow Provincial Grand Chapter heldits annual branding ceremony, in Camelford, Cornwall, England.  Twenty brethren were branded in the most impressive of branding ceremonies.  The Band of Brothers were chartered as the Provincial Grand Chapter to represent the Kent Provincial Masonic Jurisdiction. Worshipful Brother Carl A. Davenport, Founder of the Widows Sons, a member of the Kernow Provincial Grand Chapter, was presented a Kernow Grand Chapter vest, and was branded at the event.

Sept 11, 2021, IN Camelford, Cornwall, the Band of Brothers of the Province of Kent, England, were chartered  as the Widows Sons MRA Provincial Grand Chapter of Kent in England. The WSMRA welcomes the Band of Brothers.

Sept, 2021 A message of correction by Brother Robbie Centeio of the California Widows Sons was posted on Several Faebook pages to clear the name of the Widows Sons Founder, Carl A Davenport, because the leaders and spokesmen of the alliance and President's Council breakaway groups from within the Widows Sons had been spreading the rumor that Worshipful Brother Davenport was not a Mason in good standing to further thier effort of making themselves international officers of the Widows Sons, a violation of the founding bylaws and landmarks.  Since this rumor has proven to be false, many of those who it was spread to began questioning the  integrity of the Masons who spread this rumor. Immediately after the post, in defense of their action of spreading this rumor, those who were spreading the rumor began claiming the evidence was outdated, or claimed what thy had done wasn't an important issue,  but were told defrauding a Mason or group of Masons  is very important, and a violation of their obligations, and the provided evidence is concurrent with the time they were spreading the rumor. They were asked for evidence of their stand and disappeared from the thread.  

Just before the correction post by Brother Robbie, the Kernow Provincial Grand Chapter in England was chartered and recognized by the WSMRA. Patrick Jones, of Illinois, who is said to be the new spokesman for the President's Council, contacted the Secretary of the Kernow Widows Sons Grand Chapter  and an officer of the  Earl of Saint Germans Lodge No. 7031, in Cornwall, England and tried to convince the lodge that WBro Davenport was not a Mason in good standing.

Since Brother Davenport is a member of the Kernow Grand Chapter and a petitioning member of the Earl of Saint German Lodge, Mr. Jones contacted, the response of the chapter and the lodge to him was epic. Mr. Jones then tried to convince them they were not recognized because they were chartered by an unrecognized chapter in America. Mr. Jones received an epic response again.  Then Mr. Jones put his tail between his legs and whimpered that he'd like to meet with them the next time he is in England.

Upon a check of the records, and finding the chartering grand chapter in the US is in good standing with the WSMRA ,  but the grand chapter does not support the Presidents Council, or the alliance, both which Mr. Jones is, or has been, affiliated with,  Mr. Jones is believed to be, the behind the curtain  leader, or one of the leaders of the President's Council, and was involved in the alliance, it was determined that Mr. Jones was passing false and derogatory information to the Earl of Saint Germans Lodge, No. 7031 in Cornwall, England, and the Kernow Widows Son Provincial Grand Chapter in England about WBro Davenport, and several Past Masters who are members of the US grand chapter he was assaulting, and an entire chapter of Widows Sons in the US.  The Widows Sons records were checked and we were unable to find any documentation of the WSMRA granting Mr. Jones the authority to speak for, or to determine any brother, chapter or grand chapter to be unrecognized by the Widows Sons.

The US grand chapter is recognized by both Masonic recognition sources, and WBro Davenport has been verified as a member of the U.G. L.E. in good standing. so Mr. Jones has attempted defraud a Masonic lodge, and a chapter of Widows Sons, and others in his effort to destroy the character of our Founder by posing as something he has no authority to be in the Widows Sons nor Freemasonry. Any and all future claims by Mr. Jones, or any of his spokesmen, should be rigorously verified by contacting all sources and the targets.

The correction post can be viewed on the Widows Sons Facebook page. We have screen shot and saved Mr. Jones' comments to the English lodge and chapter, and other comments we have received and have reserved them for any Grand Lodge who wishes to use it for Masonic Jurisprudence purposes. We are Masons First and then Widows Sons. Being  a Mason requires us to report to our lodge secretary any violations of the laws of Freemasonry. That applies to anyone who is a Mason.

October 2, 2021  The first Issue of the WSMag / England & Wales (the October 15th issue) was released in England & Wales.

October 16, 2021 New Provincial Grand Chapters in Hampshire & Isle of Wight, England and South Wales were chartered. The WSMRA welcomes the new Provincial Grand Chapters.


January 1, 2022  The second issue of the WSMag England & Wales was published. The WSMag can be viewed at http://widowssons.com/uk/wsmag

January 13, 2022  Daniel C. Combs, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Georgia issued an edict that no longer sanctions or recognizes the Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association and all other Motorcycle clubs and associations with exception of the the Shrine Motorcycle units in the Georgia Grand Lodge jurisdiction.

January 15, 2022  The Kernow Grand Chapter of the Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association of England and Wales chartered into existence the Devon Grand Chapter No. 6, of Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association.

Sept, 2, 2022

September 2, 2022
A Board of Directors meeting was held to settle complaints from the England & Wales grand chapters at 1pm. The complaints were discussed and it was detrermined that Kernow, South Wales , Kent, Devon, and Hampshire has all joined forces to take away chartering from all the other chapters and give Kernow control of the chartering responsibilities of all chapters of England & Wales. South Wales did not hold stated meetings for one year. Both are violations of the bylaws.  After discussion, it was determined that Kernow had colonized the rest of the chapters in England & Wales. A vote was held and Kernow, Kent, South Wales, Hampshire and Devon charters were revoked and the South Wales President, Vice President and Illegally appointed Acting Secretary were expelled from the Widows Sons. The West Wales grand chapter was reinstated as the chapter of Widows Sons in West Wales in good standing. Two members who were suspended by the South Wales chapter not following the bylaws were reinstated from the South Wales chapter into the West Wales chapter.
As a result of the Board of Directors meeting, Kernow, Kent, South Wales, Devon, Hampshire & IOW are no longer recognized as chapters of the Widows Sons England & Wales International Masonic Riders Association.


A few hours after having their charter revoked, Kernow went against the refusal of the Board of Directors and chartered the Falkirk chapter of Scotland without authorization to charter. They presented Fakirk with a non WSMRA charter. Therefore the Falkirk charter was not issued by the WSMRA so it is not recognized by the WSMRA.