A fraction of the great choice of Chicago-style foods are:
  • Chicago-style pizza mainly refers to any of three distinct varieties, which include: the deep-dish pizza, made nationally famous in large part by Uno's; the stuffed pizza, which is often credited to Giordano's; and the more locally and popular crispy thin-crust variety, which is an option at most Chicago pizzerias. The thin crust cheese, sausage, onions and peppers pizza is the original. The Deep Dish Pizza was a new pizza concept introduced by Nancy's Pizza in the 1970's and the Chicago Tribune featured it in the international news, but it is not the original Chicago Pizza, it's  a news media bred form of Chicago Pizza.
  • A Chicago hot dog is traditionally a steamed or boiled natural-casing wiener on a poppy-seed bun topped with yellow mustard, chopped onion, sliced tomato, neon-green sweet-pickle relish, sport peppers, a dill-pickle spear and a sprinkling of celery saltóbut never ketchup.  Many hot-dog stands also serve the Maxwell Street Polish. Popular among older Chicagoans, its garnished with just yellow mustard and carmelized onions.
  • An Italian beef is a sandwich featuring shaved roast beef simmered in a broth (known locally as 'juice') containing strong Italian-style seasonings and served on an Italian roll soaked in the meat juices. Some beef stands offer a 'cheesy beef' option, which is typically the addition of a slice of provolone or mozarella. A 'combo'  Chicago style, is a beef sandwich with the addition of grilled spicy Italian sausage. Italian beef sandwiches and combos are traditionally topped with sweet peppers or spicy giardiniera.

Gyros are common,  introduced to the U.S., along with flaming saganaki, by Chicago's Parthenon restaurant.  Most locally owned fast-food restaurants serve hot dogs, Italian beef and gyros.

Chicago also has its own unique style of tamale, machine-extruded from cornmeal and wrapped in corn husks or paper, which is typically sold at hot-dog stands.

Less well known are the more provincial South Side specialties such as the 'Big Baby', a style of double-cheeseburger with grilled onions and the condiments traditionally located underneath the burger patties, which originated at Nicky's The Real McCoy on 58th and Kedzie in the Gage Park neighborhood; the breaded-steak sandwich, a specialty particularly found at Ricobene's in the Bridgeport neighborhood, which consists of a pounded inexpensive cut of beef that has been breaded, deep fried and served in an Italian bread roll smothered in marinara sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese and green peppers;atomic cake, featuring banana, yellow and six to eight different chocolate cake layers alternating with banana, strawberry and fudge fillings, and Chicago-style popcorn, which consists of caramel corn and cheese-flavored popcorn mixed together.