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As a Widows Son, you and your chapter should make a difference in the life of a brother's widow.. It's

Many widows are left in a state of shock.  They are scared to face another day in a new world of being left alone to cope. Depending on the new Widow’s situation, for instance she may have young children to take care of. She will naturally be worried as to how she will cope with  her children’s grieving, let alone her own grief.

 She will also worry about how she’s going to cope as a single widowed parent. She will worry “what if something simple like the washing machine breaks down or the new light her late husband installed has cut out and she doesn’t know how to fix it.”

She worries about all the little jobs that she took for granted that her late husband took care of while he was alive. She is now faced with having to take care of them on her own. She hopes that the brothers would come forward and offer their help, but feels too uncomfortable to ask them to help.

The widow needs and wants to feel secure in the knowledge that her late husband’s brothers are keeping an eye on her and her family. They need to visit her home rather than to make a “once in a while phone call,” as the once in a while phone calls will make the widow feel like she has been “left to get on with things on her own,” and the brotherhood have more or less abandoned her. The brother’s should make it very clear to her that this is not the case. .

A brother, or brothers, should visit the home, and during their visit they should be mind full to pay attention to any small jobs that may need tending to, such as the lawn, bushes etc. But keep in mind not to patronize the widow, while being sensitive in their words about offering to do the work. As the widow will be in a very sensitive nature and won’t want to admit she needs help. The new widow, wants to ask for help, from her late husband’s brothers, but doesn’t want to be thought of as being a burden.

The brothers need to remember that they are dealing with an emotionally raw widow, and should remind her that “we are here for you, and you are a part of our family and will always be.”   This will make the widow feel that she is not alone.” The brothers in doing this will build the widows confidence in them, and take away the uncomfortable feeling she has from her loss, and after a while she will feel comfortable and confident to ask the brother for help no matter how small or big the job maybe?

The most important part of being there for the widow is that the brothers reassure her she is not alone, and they are there for her and she should not feel scared any more.




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