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Between the compasses:

Good council. What is it? How does it work?

by Dave Bacon



Good council can be and many times, is... Interpreted incorrectly.

Good council has been given to me ... More than a few times as an entered apprentice. Does it seem strange I continue to speak about the ea? Again... Our masonic journey starts here. At ea. Good council brethren, to me, can often times be advice in times of adversity.. Sometimes as a corrective suggestion As a result of a bad or misplaced decision. Nothing is more important than good council.

We are to build our brothers as well as ourselves. They are free to accept or reject said council should they so choose. What makes them reject said council? Especially when passions over take an engaging conversation and that conversation takes a turn for the worse. This happens frequently. Behavior is learned. We are to apply our tools for their intended purpose. But from a master mason to an entered apprentice ..

If the entered apprentice isn't well informed or given no council at all... How good of a master mason will he be? That depends on the true nature of his character. We are to shape ourselves. But what if the shapes we embrace are the shapes of brethren who may also not have received good council... To squaring their actions. My brothers... This is not a statement of negative suggestion or directed towards anyone specifically. . it is however... A reality. We have all seen brothers from time to time be cold and disrespectful. Both to brothers of all degrees.. As well as the profane. Do we whisper good council to them when their actions have gone unhindered thus far? How well will it be received? And what if that brother who is given council chooses to be vindictive? How do we handle that situation? How far do These actions go before passions stay within due bounds? How well is the council given in terms of quality? How well are we shaping our brethren as entered apprentices before they move on to further degrees?

There was a post yesterday that serves as a partial inspiration for today's topic. It was a post about Islam in Freemasonry. I won't go into details... But ... When a brother chooses to step out of the conversation... We should choose to respect that and leave it alone. We are brothers. No matter what. When we give council... We are to do so with respect and out of the betterment for the fraternity.

It's okay to hold convictions. Just keep in mind there may be others who might feel differently. Social media has created something brethren of old could never have foreseen. When representing ourselves as masons and when not representing ourselves .. Our lessons are to be kept in mind always. How we represent ourselves stands to show how freemasonry is then interpreted by the profane. Do you apply your working tools outside of the lodge? I was told yesterday... (And this is perfect in my opinion).. Freedom of speech does not equate freedom from the consequence. We are all held accountable for our actions. We are free first. And Accepted 2nd. Free to make the choice... But the choice should be out of respect for the freedoms of others as well. Otherwise we negate the very principles of freemasonry. Have a view and stick to it. Whatever it may be. But try not to be disrespectful just to prove how right you are. Proving... Or sure lying to discredit the views of another is supremacist in nature. Self validation is harmful to the fraternity. Govern yourselves accordingly.

How do you apply your working tools?

How often do you give good council?

What is good council to you?

How well are you shaping your brethren as they themselves... Shape you in return?

Have a wonderful day brethren.



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