Widows Sons The King’s Guard













Article 1: Recognition


Section 1.1-Name

This organization shall be known as The Widows Sons The Kings Guard.


Section 1.2 Location

The King’s Guard is located in Rochester, NY


Section 1.3 Legalities

The King’s Guard shall obtain proper, reasonable and legal means as necessary specifically against any threat caused by any person or organization.


Article 2: Conduct


Section 2.1 Upright Men First

All members of The King’s Guard must always remember that they represent themselves and others as upright men and should act accordingly as to not tarnish that good name and respect of the title.


Section 2.2 Brotherly Love

The King’s Guard shall not engage in political, religious or any activities that promote separation rather than unity, or cause disharmony within the chapter. It is the duty of the entire membership but especially the President to cease any activity within his chapter that may cause disagreement or controversy in his chapter.


Section 2.3 Motorcycle Clubs

No Member shall wear apparel for any 1% club, local or national MC. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS; any violation will result in the immediate expulsion of the member.


No member shall wear any Widows Sons logos, insignias, patches, or an item that identifies them as a Widows Sons inside a 1% clubhouse, or while associating with a 1% club except in a public setting or event. Or as otherwise designated by the Elected Chapter Officers.


No member of the Widows Sons may speak on behalf of the Widows Sons, except for the Chapter President and Chapter Vice President. Unless otherwise directed by said officers.


Members of the Widows Sons The King’s Guard in the State of New York who violate this section or cause negative or detrimental relations with any 1% club, will be subject to immediate expulsion.


In addition these rules will apply to the same effect towards any club that may not be a 1% club but is known to be a criminal, outlaw, or 1% club supporter or any other club that doesn’t share the respect for the laws of their particular jurisdiction which may conflict with our obligations.


Article 3: Membership



Section 3.1 Members Only

Members who have paid proper dues may wear front patches associated with Kings Guard. They are to wear nothing on their backs until they receive their full patch set from The Kings Guard.


Section 3.2 Meeting Attendance

All members must attend 100% of all meetings unless excused. If Members miss 25% of meetings at any time the will be transferred from a full membership status to an inactive status and will lose all voting privileges after 4 consecutive meetings or 25% of meetings have been missed. The elected officers have final say on this issue and reserve the right to changes a members status to inactive or restore it to active this will be determined on a case by case basis.


Section 3.3 Applications for Membership

Applications for Membership will be invite only and no person will be admitted as a member of the Widows Sons except for by vote of 100% of the membership.


Section 3.4 Period of Review

Upon review and acceptance of a new member’s application by the membership, the new applicant will be on a period of review for not less than six months and no more than one year. The period of review can be waived or adjusted by a vote of the chapter officers if the new applicant’s actions demonstrate exemplary dedication to the chapter.


Section 3.5 Member’s Motorcycle

There shall be no restrictions applied to the membership of the The Kings Guard in accordance with the type or make of their machine. It shall however be a requirement that the machine be 600cc or greater, an exception can be allowed with a membership majority vote.


Section 3.6 Retirement

Due to age or medical reasons members wishing to retire may do so by submitting a letter to the secretary. The letter shall be read at the next scheduled meeting. Upon acceptance, the retiring member shall be entitled to attend events, meetings and all other events hosted by their current chapter but will relinquish all voting privileges.

Retired members may retain patches and will still be required to maintain all the standards of these by-laws as well as conduct expected of a Widows Sons member. Dues of a retiree will be half of an active member. Retirees will be given a “RETIRED” patch for their vest to be worn on the lower left corner of their vest.. A retiree can apply for reinstatement and be reinstated by a majority vote of the membership.

Additionally, The status of eligibility for retirement will be determined by a majority vote of all membership. The qualifications will be at least 5 years of service or a medical condition supported by a doctor stating that the member can no longer perform the duties required as a member.

In the case that the memberships determine the member does not qualify for retirement, the member will follow procedures set forth in leaving the Widows Sons in other than retirement status or remain a full status member. If denied the member will not be able to re-apply for retirement at least 1 full calendar year.

Each member request for retirement will be determined on a case by case basis.

Section 3.7 Resignation

If for any reason a member no longer desires to be a member of the Widows Sons that member will required to immediately return the patches and his vest including all Widows Sons related regalia, including but not limited to, officers patches, breast plates, brothers without borders patches, and any branding related regalia. There will be no refunds issued for patches or vests as they are and will remain property of the Widows Sons. It will decided by a discussion and a vote of the membership if a member has resigned in a good or bad standing.


Section 3.8 Re-application

Any member who resigns from the Widows Sons who wishes to return to membership MUST follow the same procedures as a new applicant.



Section 3.9 Dues

Upon acceptance of membership there will be an initiation fee of $220 which will cover the first year dues and an annual dues payment of $60.

Dues will be collected annually starting at the 1st of every January and members will have until the 1st of March to be paid in full. Any member not paid in full after March 1st will be suspended until they are current.







Article 4 Officers, Duties and Appointed Positions


Section 4.1 Elected Officers

The Kings Guard’s elected Officers shall consist of the following: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.


Section 4.2 Appointed Officers

The President shall appoint the following positions: Road Captain, Sergeant of Arms and Enforcer.


Section 4.3: President

The Presidents duties will include:

1) Presiding over all meetings of the Widows Sons Chapter

2) Calling special meetings when deemed necessary or upon written request of four voting members.

3) The President shall establish such committees necessary and appoint the chairman for such committees. He shall also serve as an ex-officio member of all such committees.

4) Over see all social functions and activities so as the Widows Sons image is not tarnished or be put in a bad light.

5) Enforcing the observance of all by-laws.

6) May determine the order of business and shall regulate all debates and the conduct of the members.

7) The president will present a budget for the fiscal year at the meeting immediately following his election into the office. It will be voted on by the membership at this meeting.

The President will not vote on any motion or subject presented to the membership during a meeting. When there is a tie the President may vote to decide the issue. The President may vote for the election of officers and membership.


Section 4.4: Vice President

The Vice Presidents duties will include:

1) Assisting the president in the discharge of his duties in any way he may need and render any and all assistance as may be required.

2) In the case of the Presidents absence or disability, should the President be unable to conduct a meeting, the Vice President shall conduct such meetings in his stead. The inventory of all mandatory patches worn by the membership. (Upper and lower rockers, Center patch and any elected or appointed position patch)

3) Communicate with the Secretary and Treasurer when patches need to be ordered.

4) Keep inventory of all assets acquired by the Chapter.

5) Make a Bi-Annual report of the quantity and condition of all assets and inform the membership at a regular business meeting and present a copy to the President.

6) Conduct an inventory with the newly appointed President if applicable.




Section 4.5: Secretary

The Secretary will be responsible for:


1) Recording and filing the minutes of all meetings of their chapter.

2) Being the custodian and the keeper of the records, keep and maintain all the books thereof and file the papers in a place and manner directed by the President.

3) Responsible for collecting all dues from the membership

4) Maintain a complete record and file of all correspondence received by The Kings Guard and all of its officers and will conduct all correspondence of The Kings Guard as directed.

5) Maintain the membership roll and records.

6) Notifying applicants for membership of their status (accepted or rejected) by phone or in person and provide such person with a letter in writing.

7) Giving notice of all meetings of The Kings Guard where such notices are needed due to change in time, location or a special meeting.

8) Providing written notification to any member who is not in good standing.

9) Performing duties pertaining to the office as directed by the president.

10) Maintaining an accurate record of the history of the Widows Sons The King’s Guard

11) Taking photographs and videos at events and saving them for the future.

12) Documenting anything of importance and filing it in a safe location as may be deemed necessary for the preservation of our history.



Section 4.5: Treasurer

The Treasurer will be responsible for the care, custody and recording of all the chapters securities. The Treasurer will cause to enter in the books of their chapter a full and accurate account of all monies received and paid and will sign all instruments requiring the signature of the Treasurer. The Treasurer’s duties will include:


1) Making a report at each regular meeting of the chapter’s funds in the treasury, including the total amount received and spent since the last meeting.

2) Receiving of all donations and earnings belonging to the chapter from all members and activities.

3) Paying the Chapters bills and recording how such bill was paid and for what amount.

4) Make a report to the membership once a year in the month of July for the past year.

5) Depositing all monies received in the name of The Widows Sons in a bank account or accounts as authorized and approved by the membership. All deposits will be made within seven days of receipt of such monies.

6) Keeping complete and accurate accounts of all of the chapters financial transactions.

7) Will pay or receive funds in accordance with the annual budget.



Section 4.6: Road Captain

The Road Captain(s) will be appointed by the President and be responsible for:

1) Organizing the route for any rides that are planned and executed by the chapter.

2) Will organize all stops during organized ride events with the owners of such establishments to insure the places of business are manned with someone to make recordings of ride participants.

3) Will provide all members and all others on the ride with directions for the ride.

4) Will inform all participants of the expected conduct for the ride.

5) If there is more than one road captain they shall ride in a point position and a sweep or tail gunner position.

6) Contact any and all Law Enforcement if assistance is needed for an escorted ride.

7) Conduct a pre-ride meeting when applicable, to ensure all riders know of any pertinent info for each ride.


Section 4.7: Sergeant at Arms

The Sergeant at Arms duties shall include:

1) Shall accompany the President or Vice President at all social functions

2) Should be careful to observe the approach of cowans and eavesdroppers

3) Accommodating visiting brethren and guest

4) Will announce all visiting brethren and guest

5) Assist the Secretary in taking roll call at meetings

6) Maintain order at meetings

7) Perform any duties the President may assign for the order of the chapter.

8) Guarding and monitoring the ballot during elections.

9) Ensure that all by-laws are respected.

10) If a member is found not in good standing, contact said member with wise council to ascertain the reason and inform them that assistance is available if needed.

11) Organize a special election should any of the officers not be able to fulfill the obligation of their office to fill the remainder of the term.

12) Organize regular elections for the chapter in June.

13) Collect all fines from the membership


Section 4.8 Enforcer

The Enforcer shall be under the direction and assistance of the Sergeant at Arms his duties will include:

1) Assist the Sergeant at Arms at maintaining discipline in the Widows Sons The King’s Guard and as needed

2) Keep a watchful eye in the presence of strange and mixed companies carefully to observe.

3) Collection of Widows Sons regalia at the direction of the Sergeant at Arms





Article 5: Election of Officers and Appointed Positions


Section 5.1 Elections

The four primary officers are elected positions, voting for these positions will be done by secret ballot. Members interested in holding office must submit a letter of intent to the Secretary at least 30 days prior to the election. The Secretary will announce all names at each stated meeting held before the election date.


Members must be full members for a minimum of 1 year before running for an elected position.


Section 5.2 Terms

All elections shall be conducted at the June business meeting, terms of the elected office will be for 1 year taking effect on July 1st and concluding on the 31st of June.


Section 5.3 Appointments

The Road Captains, Sergeant at Arms and Enforcers shall be appointed by the president


Section 5.4 Officer Resignation

In the event any Officer Elected or Appointed makes the decision to step down or resign and remain a member, they shall be allowed to do so and a new officer to fill that position will be appointed pro temp by the Chapter President.


Section 5.5 Voting by Proxy

Any member who cannot attend a meeting for the purpose of voting may vote by write in ballot, in which case the ballots must be delivered to the Secretary prior to the election.


Article 6: Meetings and Member Expectations



Section 6.1 Meeting Time

The monthly meeting will be held on the first Sunday of each month if possible or a date applicable to and decided by the president. All members are expected to be at the meeting on time except in case of emergency or cabletow with notification before they are late for the meeting. Violations will be subject to fine as set forth by the officers of the chapter and strictly enforced by the Sergeant at Arms. Elected officers will hold an executive counsel before or after the meeting as mutually agreed upon by said officers


Section 6.2 Quorum

Meeting will be conducted in accordance with the Roberts Rules of Order as a guide.




Section 6.3 Attendance

All Members and Officers are required to attend each monthly meeting unless prior notification is communicated to the President or Vice-President. Attendance also applies to any event mandated by the president or vice president.


Section 6.4 Attire

ALL MEMBERS shall wear Widows Sons Colors at every meeting unless permission is granted by the President. Will be subject to fine and strictly enforced


Section 6.5 Reimbursement of Funds

Any items purchased or receipts to be turned in for monetary compensation will be done so after approval of the membership. Members who act before getting approval will be subject to denial of compensation as these actions will cause the King's Guard operating funds to be drained.


Article 7: Regalia


Section 7.1 Vest

Vests will be provided by the King’s Guard and will remain property of the Chapter.


Section 7.2 Front Patches

A member of The King’s Guard will be allowed to put any patches on the front of his vest as long as they are tasteful and in compliance with all Widows Sons.


Section 7.3 Official Colors of The King’s Guard

The King’s Guard’s official patches are the back piece together with two front patches. The two front patches are as follows;

New York Breastplate patch which is to be worn on the right side of the chest

Brothers Without Borders patch which is to be worn on the left side of the chest.


Section 7.4 Wearing Colors

Members are to wear their patch or Widows Sons apparel to all Widows Sons functions and events. Any member not wearing his back patch will not be allowed to ride in the group during a ride and must ride in the back of the pack behind the petitioning members and guests. Regardless of position, rank or time involved unless he has the permission of the President. Members are required to wear their back patch at all support functions unless permission is given by the President. This will be subject to fine and strictly enforced.


Section 7.5 Candidates Colors

No back patches will be issued to any candidate until they are made full member of the Widows Sons.





Section 7.6 Property of the Colors

All Widows Sons regalia issued by the Widows Sons will remain property of the Widows Sons and in the event of resignation or expulsion will be required to be turned back in to a member of the Chapter.


7.7 Damages

Any property of the Widows Sons that has been damaged intentionally will be required to be reimbursed by the person or person responsible for said property.


Section 7.8 Future Regalia

Any future regalia made for The King’s Guard will be property of the chapter and will not be designated for use for any other chapter or entity without permission from the chapter president.


Section 7.9 Lady Patches

No ladies patches worn or produced. These are not to be worn in NY State.




I have read and fully understand this addendum to the NY Widows Sons The King’s Guard Bylaws and hereby promise and swear to uphold this addendum and all other chapter and state bylaw