“The King’s Guard”


New York State Grand Chapter












Vision & Mission Statement……………………………………………3-4

Dedication …………………………………………………………5

Founding Landmarks ………………………………………………….6


Article 1 Recognition……………………………….8

Article 2 Affiliated NY Chapters…………………..9-10

Article 3 Conduct……………………………………11

Article 4 Membership………………………………..12-14

Article 5 Officers……………………………………...15-18

Article 6 Election of Officers………………………….19

Article 7 Meetings and Member Expectations………..20-21

Article 8 Charges and Disputes.......................................22-23

Article 9 Funerals…………………………………………24

Article 10 Regalia…………………………………………...25-26







The Widows Sons Grand Chapter of New York The King’s Guard is an independent and sovereign body of Master Masons based in Rochester, NY and may be referenced throughout this document simply as The King’s Guard, or the Grand Chapter.





As the Widows Sons Grand Chapter of New York-The King’s Guard is the sovereign chapter of the state no other body or individual claiming to represent another body of Widows Sons in New York can speak for or represent themselves at a state level or violate any rules set forth by The King’s Guard.

There is no other Grand Chapter of Widows Sons in New York aside from The King’s Guard which along with subsequent chartered chapters disavows and reputes any and all statements and presentation, including e-mails, web sites and social media produced by any person or entity not authorized, recognized or chartered by Widows Sons Grand Chapter of New York-The King’s Guard. This reinforces the sovereignty and solidifies autonomy of the Widows Sons and specifically of The Widows Sons Grand Chapter of New York The King’s Guard from any and all outside regulatory influence.

The King’s Guard shares the vision of the Widows Sons founders specifically the purpose of this organization being to introduce motorcycles to masonry and masonry to motorcycles.

The King’s Guard is a fundraising organization to benefit the Masonic community and the community at large. None of our works will profit any Widows Sons Grand Chapter, any chartered chapters or any of its members.

The King’s Guard seeks to serve the Widows Sons of New York in so far as to coordinate, strengthen and unify our chartered chapters and to extend our brotherhood and shared ideals to aspiring members.

The King’s Guard does not believe in a singular authority; rather that all affiliate chapters have autonomy within their own membership to create and manage their bylaws such that they are aligned with the original intent and founding principles of the Widows Sons specifically to serve the greater good of all humanity.

Autonomy means that each chapter can conduct its business as it sees fit for its chapter providing they are in compliance with the laws of the state, the laws set forth by the Grand Lodge of the State of New York Free and Accepted Masons along with the obligations of Master Masons and the principles of the Grand Chapter New York mission statement.

The King’s Guard Grand Chapter of New York recognizes that the Widows Sons is an esteemed and honorable organization all on its own, but also because of the fact its membership is limited to men who have been raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.

Our, obligation and fundamental belief in brotherly love, charity and integrity guide our endeavors throughout life as Freemasons and as Widows Sons. Furthermore as Widows Sons, we will always strive for our Brethren in Craft Lodges and representatives of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York to accept, respect, recognize and support our organization and good deeds. We will always accept, respect, recognize and support our brothers in Craft Lodges and within the Grand Lodge of the State of New York F&AM.

The King’s Guard believes all men, and especially Master Masons and Widow Sons, are responsible for their own deeds and actions. Therefore no one shall ever hold the Grand Lodge of the State of New York or any Craft Lodge responsible for the actions of the Widows Sons King’s Guard Grand Chapter of New York or any affiliated or chartered chapters with the same

All Widows Sons are Master Masons but not all Master Masons are Widows Sons, therefore these two entities, although like-minded and supportive of each other, must be recognized as independent entity’s working together for the greater good, guided by our Creator, The Great Architect of the Universe.



Drafted: 10/07/2012

Dated: 10/07/2012

Revised: ???

Andy Reynolds Bill Jaranowski

State President State Vice President

Widows Sons NY Grand Chapter Widows Sons NY Grand Chapter


Ben Heron Ron Williams

State Secretary State Treasurer

Widows Sons NY Grand Chapter Widows Sons NY Grand Chapter
















Commitment to : Widows Sons Organization



PLEDGE OF Membership:

It is the pledge of the membership of The King’s Guard Grand Chapter of New York and its affiliate chapters to support and abide by the Founding Intentions and Founding Landmarks, and these Founding By-Laws of The Widows Sons Organization.

It is the pledge of the membership to obey, without reservation, all laws, edicts and orders imposed by the Widows Sons “The King’s Guard” By-Laws and landmarks.

It is the pledge of the Chapter President and Officers to support Masonic Organizations in their state and also to contribute to charitable organizations. It is also promised that the chapter will support fundraising events that will be allowable under these By-Laws and moreover encouraged for the benefit of positive support of the chapter’s local community. The funds allocated for the charitable organization will be held in a checking account in the name of the Widows Sons The King’s Guard only and not in the name of the treasurer, or any other member, and are to be submitted to the appropriate charitable organizations designated by the chapter.

It is the pledge of the President and his Officers to rule and guide their state chapters with equal regularity, and to base all decisions in direct accordance with the Widows Sons The King’s Guard Founding By-Laws and Founding Intentions and Landmarks.



















Founding Landmarks of the Widows Sons


To become a Widows Son, or to form a chapter of the Widows Sons, you must be a Mason First. You must then promise to support the goals and purposes of the Widows Sons Organization.

*The purpose of founding the Widows Sons is to introduce Freemasonry to the world of motorcycling and to introduce the world of motorcycling to Freemasonry.

*The Second purpose of founding the Widows Sons is to promote fellowship and unity among brothers who ride motorcycles.

*The third founding goal and purposes of the Widows Sons is to support Charity

*No chapter or member of any chapter shall recruit motorcycle riders for the purpose of increasing the Widows Sons numbers in membership. The Widows Sons shall not allow any member of any outlawed organization(s) or any motorcycle club(s) that considers itself to be a one percent (1%) club to become a member of the Widows Sons, nor will any member of the Widows Sons associate with any outlawed organization or any motorcycle clubs that considers itself to be a one percent club unless in a public setting while wearing Widows Sons regalia.

*No Widows Sons Grand Chapter shall have any say, nor any rule or authority over, or any vote in the business of another Grand Chapter. Each state Grand Chapter is autonomous of one another. Autonomous as being defined as; ruling and governing their own state business and activities in accordance with the due boundaries of Freemasonry of their state, first, then within the boundaries of these Widows Sons Founding By-Laws and Founding Landmarks of the Widows Sons.

*There shall be no governing or ruling committee or consulting body, or person in a position with any authority to make decisions for, council, or to rule over the entire national entity of the Widows Sons. Each state rules all Widows Sons business in its own state.

*An established Widows Sons Grand Chapter, that is in full compliance with the founding By-Laws and Landmarks may charter another Grand Chapter in another state in to existence upon the promise given by the chapter that it will adhere to these Landmarks and the Widows Sons Founding By-Laws, making changes to the by-laws only necessary to resolve any conflicts in these by-laws and landmarks. No other changes to the founding by-laws or founding landmarks should be made to appease any personal or Grand Chapter preferences. No single person shall issue charters to new Grand Chapters. They must be chartered by a Grand Chapter.

*at the time there are fifty (50) Grand bodies of the Widows Sons in the United States, and bodies outside the U.S. Changes, alterations or amendments or additions to the Widows Sons Founding By-Laws or the Founding Landmarks shall be made with a ratification vote of a ninety (90%) percent majority of the fifty (50) Widows Sons United States chapters and all chapters outside the U.S. by a ballot voting in favor of the proposed changes, or by a Grand Lodge proclamation.

*Adopted: 2001: When a logo, patch or insignia of the Widows Sons is adopted, only men who are Masons shall wear it. No Wives, Girlfriends, sisters, daughters, mothers or grandmothers shall display a patch on their back. No member or affiliate chapter shall create a patch, button decal pin or any other item that advertises names or promotes the Widows Sons. This is reserved for Grand Chapters. All additional Widows Sons regalia approved by the Grand Chapter will require a trademark.


Widows Sons The King’s Guard

New York Grand Chapter


















Article 1: Recognition

Section 1.1-Name

This organization shall be known as The Widows Sons Grand Chapter of New York State, The Kings Guard.


Section 1.2 Location

The King’s Guard is located in Rochester, NY

Section 1.3 Authority

The Kings Guard shall be the parent chapter for all Widows Sons affiliate chapters in the State of New York, and shall have jurisdiction over membership of any and all chapters in the State of New York as described by this constitution.

Section 1.4 Copyrights

The Kings Guard reserves all rights to issue or deny any and all use of any future copyrighted Widows Sons patch and or logos and trademarks to any chapter that has been designated a charter by the Widows Sons Grand Chapter of New York-The Kings Guard and reserves the right to revoke the charter or copyrighted patches of any chapter or any member to which a patch has been issued within the boundaries of the State of New York, or by whom violates the by-laws of the Widows Sons Grand Chapter-The King’s Guard, or governs themselves in an un-Masonic manner, thereby bringing disgrace to or embarrassment to any chapter of the Widows Sons.

Section 1.5 Legalities

The King’s Guard shall obtain proper, reasonable and legal means as necessary Specifically against any threat caused by any person outside or within any chapter.


Article 2: Affiliated NY Chapters


Section 2.1- Forming a New Chapter

In accordance with Section 1.3; all interested parties wishing to form a new chapter of Widows Sons in New York State Shall petition the The Kings Guard.

Section 2.2- Officer Requirement

To petition, the interested parties MUST have enough interested people to fill the following positions; President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2.3 Membership Requirement

The petitioning chapter shall maintain a membership of at least seven (7) members or more.

Section 2.4 Chapter Name

The petitioning Chapter must provide The King’s Guard with the desired name of their chapter.

Section 2.5 State Gathering

Affiliate chapters shall send at least one or more members to the Annual State Gathering.

Section 2.6 Compliance

All affiliated chapters are required to comply with all sections of the bylaws and are required to file in writing to The King’s Guard within 5 (five) business days; any situation which potentially violates any section of the constitution.

Section 2.7 Communication

All affiliate chapters will have 1 business meeting per month with a monthly report sent to the King’s Guard Secretary. This will consist of their minutes as well as their treasurer’s report.


Section 2.8 Suspension of a Chapter

The Widows Sons Grand Chapter of New York The King’s Guard has the authority to suspend officers or trustees, or revoke any chapter.



Section 2.9 Property

In the event the officers or trustees are suspended, or the chapter is revoked, all of its funds, books, papers and other properties shall be forwarded to the Secretary of The King’s Guard, who shall hold them for reorganization.

Section 2.10 Failure to Reorganize

If no reorganization occurs within a period of six (6) months, such funds shall be transferred to The King’s Guard.



Article 3: Conduct

Section 3.1 Craft Lodge

All members of The King’s Guard must abide by the laws of their respective Craft Lodge at all times, especially while representing the Widows Sons

Section 3.2 Grand Lodge

All members of The King’s Guard must abide by the laws of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York Free and Accepted Masons at all times, especially while representing the Widows Sons.

Section 3.3 Brotherly Love

The King’s Guard shall not engage in political, religious or any activities that promote separation rather than unity, or cause disharmony within the chapter. It is the duty of the entire membership but especially the President to cease any activity within his chapter that may cause disagreement or controversy in his chapter.

Section 3.4 Motorcycle Clubs

No Member shall wear apparel for any 1% club, local or national MC. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS; any violation will result in the immediate expulsion of the member.


No member shall wear any Widows Sons logos, insignias, patches, or an item that identifies them as a Widows Sons inside a 1% clubhouse, or while associating with a 1% club except in a public setting or event.


No member of the Widows Sons may speak on behalf of the Widows Sons to any member or representative of a 1% club, except that their chapter is part of an International Masonic Motorcycle Riders Association.

Members of the Widows Sons Motorcycle association in the State of New York who violate this section or cause the Association to experience negative or detrimental relations with any 1% club, will be subject to immediate expulsion.



Article 4: Membership


Section 4.1 Master Masons Only

The King’s Guard shall be composed of Master Masons in good standing with a Masonic Lodge which falls under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York F&AM.

Section 4.2 Lodge Attendance

All New York State Widows Sons members to include officers will be required to attend no less than 75% of their lodge meetings cable tow permitting. Cable tow being work, family obligations and emergencies. Designed for members to attend their lodges and become active Masons setting the proper example.

Section 4.3 Applications for Membership

Member applications will be read at a regular scheduled meeting under New Business and assigned to an investigation committee. The findings will be returned to the president and will be voted on at the next regular scheduled meeting. Voting will be done in accordance with Craft Lodge procedures. This will be a thirty (30) day process. Half of the initiation fee will be due with the application and the balance will be due on or before acceptance.

Section 4.4 Period of Review

Upon review and acceptance of a new member’s application by the membership, the new applicant will be on a period of review for not less than six months and no more than one year. The six month requirement can be waived by a vote of the chapter membership if the new applicant’s actions demonstrate exemplary dedication to the chaper.

Section 4.5 Worthy and Well Qualified

If a new applicant is not accepted by a Blue Lodge voting procedure at six months, then the applicant will be placed under review for an additional six months. Upon the end of the one year review the new applicant WILL be voted on by the membership to determine if they will become a full member of The King’s Guard and will only be able to obtain full membership once they have been Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.


Section 4.6 Member’s Motorcycle

There shall be no restrictions applied to the membership of the The Kings Guard or Affiliate Chapters in accordance with the type or make of their machine. It shall however be a requirement that the machine be 600cc or greater. Vintage or Parade machines are an exception. In addition, an exception can be allowed with a membership majority vote.

Section 4.7 Worshipful Master

At the discretion of the Chapter President the club has the ability to have the initiation fee for any current Worshipful Master in their region if so desired.


Section 4.8 Retirement

Due to age or medical reasons members wishing to retire may do so by submitting a letter to the secretary. The letter shall be read at the next scheduled meeting. Upon acceptance, the retiring member shall be entitled to attend events, meetings and all other events hosted by their current chapter but will relinquish all voting privileges. Retired members may retain patches and will still be required to maintain all the standards of these by-laws as well as conduct expected of a Widows Sons member. Dues of a retiree will be half of an active member. Retirees will be given a “RETIRED” patch for their vest to be worn on the lower left corner of their vest. If due to age, medical reasons or relocation, a retiree does not have to comply with article 4.5. A retiree can apply for reinstatement and be reinstated by a majority vote of the membership.

Additionally, The status of eligibility for retirement will be determined by the Chapter Elected Officers. The qualifications will be the age of 62 or a medical condition supported by a doctor stating that the member can no longer perform the duties required as a member. Any other request will be considered by the elected officers. In the case that the elected officers determine the member does not qualify for retirment, the member will follow procedures set forth in leaving the Widows Sons in an other than retirement status.

Section 4.9 Resignation

Any member may resign from their respective chapter at any time upon written notice being provided to their respective Chapter President delivered to the Secretary by hand or mail. Upon receipt of a written resignation, the Secretary will read the resignation to the membership at the next scheduled meeting of that respective chapter.

If for any reason a member no longer desires to be a member of the Widows Sons that member will be given ½ (one half) of the purchase price of the Widows Sons patch, logo or trademark when the patch, logo or trademark is returned in good condition. Patches, logos and trademarks remain property of the Widows Sons Chapter of which they belong.


Section 4.10 Re-application

Any member who resigns from the Widows Sons who wishes to return to membership MUST follow the same procedures as a new applicant.


Section 4.11 Transfers

Widows Sons wishing to transfer to another chapter shall do so with an application for “Membership Transfer”. They shall be interviewed by the investigating committee with the results being announced at a regular scheduled meeting. Transfers should take no longer than thirty (30) days from the time of the application. Upon acceptance of the transfer, dues and cost of any patches required will be paid to the secretary to be transferred to the treasurer.

Section 4.12 Fees

Upon acceptance of membership there will be an initiation fee and an annual dues payment as set forth by the membership. This will cover 1 year membership and reserve a Widows Sons center patch, Top and Bottom Rocker.

Section 4.13 Dues

Dues will be collected starting at the 1st of every January and members will have until the 1st of March to be paid in full. Any member not paid in full after March 1st will be suspended until they are current. A dues card will be designed and issued by the secretary and a list will be maintained of who has paid.


Article 5 Officers, Duties and Appointed Positions

Section 5.1 Elected Officers

The Kings Guard’s elected Officers shall consist of the following: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 5.2 Appointed Officers

The President shall appoint the following positions: Ambassador, Road Captain, Guardian of Membership, Sergeant of Arms and Chaplin. The same structure shall be adhered to by state chapters after passing the minimum enrollment of seven members.

Section 5.3: President

The Presidents duties will include:

Presiding over all meetings of the Widows Sons Chapter

Calling special meetings when deemed necessary or upon written request of four voting members.

The President shall establish such committees necessary and appoint the chairman for such committees. He shall also serve as an ex-officio member of all such committees.

Over see all social functions and activities so as the Widows Sons image is not tarnished or be put in a bad light.

Enforcing the observance of all by-laws.

May determine the order of business and shall regulate all debates and the conduct of the members.

Sign all vouchers for their respective chapter.

The President will not vote on any motion or subject presented to the membership during a meeting. When there is a tie the President may vote to decide the issue. The President may vote for the election of officers and membership.

Section 5.4: Vice President

The Vice Presidents duties will include:

Assisting the president in the discharge of his duties in any way he may need and render any and all assistance as may be required.

In the case of the Presidents absence or disability, should the President be unable to conduct a meeting, the Vice President shall conduct such meetings in his stead. The inventory of all mandatory patches worn by the membership. (Upper and lower rockers, Center patch and any elected or appointed position patch)

Communicate with the Secretary and Treasurer when patches need to be ordered.

Keep inventory of all assets acquired by the Chapter.

Make a Bi-Annual report of the quantity and condition of all assets and inform the membership at a regular business meeting and present a copy to the President.

Conduct an inventory with the newly appointed President if applicable.

The inventory of all mandatory patches worn by the membership. (Upper and lower rockers, Center patch and any elected or appointed position patch)

Communicate with the Secretary and Treasurer when patches need to be ordered

Keep inventory of all assets acquired by the Chapter.

Make a Bi-Annual report of the quantity and condition of all assets and inform the membership at a regular business meeting and present a copy to the President.

Conduct an inventory with the newly appointed President and quartermaster if applicable


Section 5.5: Secretary

The Secretary will be responsible for:

Recording and filing the minutes of all meetings of their chapter.

Being the custodian and the keeper of the records, keep and maintain all the books thereof and file the papers in a place and manner directed by the President.

Responsible for collecting all dues from the membership

Maintain a complete record and file of all correspondence received by The Kings Guard and all of its officers and will conduct all correspondence of The Kings Guard as directed.

Maintain the membership roll and records.

Notifying applicants for membership of their status (accepted or rejected) by phone or in person and provide such person with a letter in writing.

Giving notice of all meetings of The Kings Guard where such notices are needed due to change in time, location or a special meeting.

Providing written notification to any member who is not in good standing.

Performing duties pertaining to the office as directed by the president.

Section 5.5: Treasurer

The Treasurer will be responsible for the care, custody and recording of all the chapters securities. The

Treasurer will cause to enter in the books of their chapter a full and accurate account of all monies received and paid and will sign all instruments requiring the signature of the Treasurer. The Treasurer’s duties will include:

Making a report at each regular meeting of the chapters in the treasury, including the total amount received and spent since the last meeting.

Receiving of all donations and earnings belonging to the chapter from all members and activities.

Paying the Chapters bills and recording how such bill was paid and for what amount.

Make a report to the membership once a year in the month of December for the past year.

Depositing all monies received in the name of The Widows Sons in a bank account or accounts as authorized and approved by the membership. All deposits will be made within seven days of receipt of such monies. He shall keep a separate account of Masonic Fund.

Keeping complete and accurate accounts of all of the chapters financial transactions.


Section 5.6: Road Captain

The Road Captain(s) will be appointed by the President and be responsible for:

Organizing the route for any rides that are planned and executed by the chapter.

Will organize all stops during organized ride events with the owners of such establishments to insure the places of business are manned with someone to make recordings of ride participants.

Will provide all members and all others on the ride with directions for the ride.

Will inform all participants of the expected conduct for the ride.

If there is more than one road captain they shall ride in a point position and a sweep or tail gunner position.

Contact any and all Law Enforcement if assistance is needed for an escorted ride.

Conduct a pre-ride meeting when applicable, to insure all riders know of any pertinent info for each ride.


Section 5.7: Ambassador

The Ambassador is appointed by the President and his duties will include:

Representing the chapter as an emissary during his travels.

Promoting the Widows Sons to the motorcycling community as well as the Masonic Community.

Coordinating the formation of new chapters throughout the state, them making themselves known and are Master Masons.

Section 5.8: Guardian of Membership

The Guardian of Memberships duties will include:

Ensure that all by-laws are respected.

If a member is found not in good standing, contact said member with wise council to ascertain the reason and inform them that assistance is available if needed.

Will assist Sergeant at Arms with all greetings for visitors and guest.

Organize a special election should any of the officers not be able to fulfill the obligation of their office to fill the remainder of the term.

Organize regular elections for the chapter in December.

Will record and document all history pertaining to the Widows Sons.


Section 5.9: Sergeant at Arms


The Sergeant at Arms duties will include:

Accommodating visiting brethren and guest

Will announce all visiting brethren and guest

Assist the Secretary in taking roll call at meetings

Maintain order at meetings

Perform any duties the President may assign for the order of the chapter.

Guarding and monitoring the ballot during elections.

Assist the Ambassador with any duties tasked.



Article 6: Election of Officers and Appointed Positions

Section 6.1 Elections

Per section 5.1 the four primary officers are elected positions, voting for these positions will be done by secret ballot. Members interested in holding office must submit a letter of intent to the Secretary at least 30 days prior to the election. The Secretary will announce all names at each stated meeting held before the election date.

Members must be full members for a minimum of 1 year before running for an elected position.


Section 6.2 Terms

All elections shall be conducted at the December business meeting, terms of the elected office will be for 1 year taking effect on January 1st and concluding on the 31st of December.


Section 6.3 Appointments

The Road Captains, Guardian of Membership, Sergeant of Arms, ambassador and trustees shall be appointed by the president and will remain in office in accordance with Section 6.2


Section 6.4 Officer Resignation

In the event any Officer -Elected or Appointed- or Trustee makes the decision to step down or resign and remain a member, they shall be allowed to do so.

Section 6.6 Special Election

If within the same year one of the four primary officers resigns there will be a special election by the members present to fill this position for the remainder of the term.

Section 6.7 Voting by Proxy

Any member who cannot attend a meeting for the purpose of voting may vote by write in ballot, in which case the ballots must be delivered to the Secretary prior to the election.



Section 6.8 Sworn in

Elected State Officers shall be sworn in by the State President, likewise Elected Chapter Officers will be sworn in by the Chapter President



Article 7: Meetings and Member Expectations


Section 7.1 Meeting Time

The monthly meeting will be held on the first Sunday of each month if possible or a date applicable to and decided by the chapter.

Section 7.2 Quorum

Meeting will be conducted in accordance with the Roberts Rules of Order as a guide.

Section 7.3 Attendance

All Members and Officers are required to attend each monthly meeting unless prior notification is communicated to the President or Vice-President.

Section 7.4 Closed Meetings

Special business or regular stated meetings be attended by Widows Sons only. Exceptions to this article can be made for Special Event meetings, non-stated or special business meetings, where guest may be invited to participate in or otherwise support the planning and execution of an event.

Section 7.5 Official Support Events

Official Support Events will be called such in lieu of Mandatory events. All members are required to attend at least six (6) Official Support Events within a one (1) year (calendar) time frame so as to not limit the requirement to a single riding season.

Section 7.6 Attire

During riding season, ALL MEMBERS shall wear Widows Sons Colors at every meeting unless permission is granted by the President.

Section 7.7 Order of the Meeting

Opening of meetings call to order (Sgt of Arms)

Introductions of Officers (Sgt of Arms)

Opening prayer

Visitors introduced by the member who brought them if not a stated meeting.

Minutes read by the Secretary, new applications read.

Announcements from the Treasurer, Secretary and Vice President, Ambassador and Event Coordinator.

New members are welcomed by all existing members at that time.

Then any announcements from the President will be done and any communication in regards to other chapters.

The Road Captain will then inform all members of any rides that are upcoming so that there can be a general vote as to participation.

The floor is open for any announcements and new business.

Closing prayer.

Meeting room is cleaned before departure.


Article 8: Charges and Disputes

A grievance committee will be appointed by the New York Grand Chapter President to hear any and all charges for disputes from affiliate chapters and make a report to the New York Grand Chapter for a decision or resolution. The decision of the New York Grand Chapter is final and no dispute of the decision will be heard.

Section 8.1 Filing Charges

Whenever charges are to be brought against any member or officer or the same of an affiliate chapter by a member of that chapter, the charges shall be filed in writing with The King’s Guard Grievance Committee.

Section 8.2 Trial

No member or officer of any chapter shall be tried unless the Secretary, or the Guardian of Membership in person have served him with a written copy of such charges specifying the nature of the offense of which he is accused. The accused shall be required to appear before the Grievance Committee for a hearing, at the time and place designated by The King’s Guard.

Section 8.3 Defense

The accused may select only one member, in good standing within his chapter to assist him in his defense.

Section 8.4 Accusatory Support

The charging party may select one member, in good standing with his chapter, to assist him in the presentation of evidence in support of the charges.

Section 8.5 Filing Charges on a Separate Chapter

A member of one affiliate chapter shall have the right to file charges against a member of another affiliate chapter. Such charges must be filed with the Secretary of the The King’s Guard, and the Secretary will set a date for the hearing.

Section 8.6 Disposition

If charges filed against any member are sustained by The King’s Guard, the members of the chapter in question shall render judgment and impose disciplinary actions. The King’s Guard shall forward a written copy of the findings to the affiliate chapter.

Section 8.7 Suspension Pending a Disposition

Upon the filing of charges that of such magnitude and seriousness as to jeopardize the interest of The King’s Guard or one of its affiliate chapters, the Grand Chapter may suspend such members, officers or chapters pending a hearing.

Section 8.8 Grounds for Removal

Any member in violation of Widows Sons By-Laws, Masonic By-Laws or Obligations will be grounds for dismissal from the Widows Sons Organization.

Section 8.9 Dismissal

The members removal will be set forth at a special meeting designated by the President and after a 2/3 majority vote.


Article 9: Funerals

9.1 Attendance

In the event of the death of a Widows Son or a family member of the same, all members of the chapters shall attend the funeral if within the length of his cable tow.

9.02 Affialted Chapters

Any time there is a funeral as in Section 10.1 each chapter state wide shall send one or more of their members to support the chapter if possible given timely notice and within the length of their cable tow.


Article 10: Regalia


Section 10.1 Vest

Ever member will be required to purchase their own leather or denim vest

Section 10.2 Front Patches

A member of The King’s Guard will be allowed to put any patches on the front of his vest as long as they are tasteful and in compliance with all Widows Sons and all masonic bylaws or rules or regulations.

Section 10.3 Official Colors of The King’s Guard

The King’s Guard’s official patches are the back piece together with two front patches. The two front patches are as follows;

New York patch which is to be worn on the right side of the chest

Brothers Without Borders patch which is to be worn on the left side of the chest.


Section 10.4 Wearing Colors

Members are to wear their patch or Widows Sons apparel to all Widows Sons functions and events. Any member not wearing his back patch will not be allowed to ride in the group during a ride and must ride in the back of the pack behind the petitioning members and guest. Regardless of position, rank or time involved unless he has the permission of the President. Members are required to wear their back patch at all support functions unless permission is given by the President.

Section 10.5 Candidates Colors

No back patches will be issued to any candidate until they are made full member of the Widows Sons.

Section 10.6 Property of the Colors

The Widows Sons Colors will be the property of The king’s Guard and will only be that of which is approved by the Grand Chapter.

Section 10.7 Future Regalia

A) Any future regalia made for The King’s Guard will be property of the chapter and will not be designated for use for any other chapter or entity without permission from the chapter president.

No Widows Sons oval, rocker, design bearing "Widows Sons", Shirts, pins or any other item will be produced or sold without the approval of the Chapter President.

Section 10.8 Lady Patches

No ladies patches worn or produced. These are not to be worn in NY State.