Miramont Castle and Adam’s Temple of Pillars aka Heliopolis, Egypt aka Jerusalem
By T Robert Welling


Miramont Castle
Miramont is a Castle built by Avignon trained Catholic priest Frances Francolon.
He built it to reflect both the first church built by Simon Peter (at Antioch) which most likely was a direct reflection and or close enough copy of the original Temple of Solomon Jerusalem. Fr Francolon designed his Castle to be as close to the original Adam, Abraham, Tyre, Solomon temple as he could find. With portions of the façade of the Vatican St Simon Peters Square in front. Which that information is layered and complicated itself.

The Temple of Solomon itself was in very hard truth an exact copy of the Temple of Tyre which was constructed as a replica of the Temple of Ptah in Memphis Egypt. Memphis was renamed to honor Pharaoh Mem; who built the Dykes and laid the foundation stone for the Temple of Ptah himself (by legend).

Pharaoh the name and Title itself mean “Leader of the Long/Tall House/Building/Tabernacle (sacred) which holds replicas of the Trees from the Garden of Eden”. Pharaoh and Nazareth mean exactly the same thing. Provided the name and translations are correct from a historical and linguistic point of view Mem his name translates to “All Father”. The Name and Title of “All Father” translates into Hebrew (a language developed from the Futhark some 1500 years later; 2800-1300 bce )to Abraham.

History of academics plays a profound almost 99% roll in the development and forced acceptance of the current completely incorrect theories regarding the Pyramids and Egyptology.

When the Hyksos invaded Egypt 2100 b.c.e they immediately seized as many of the Israelites in Egypt that could not escape and placed them as front line troops. The Hyksos immediately invaded the middle east, using the Israelites as a shield wall. Those that survived became too strong to control.

So the Hyksos would use those select units who were so battle hardened and expertly trained as their seed army in cities they conquered. Tyre, Troy, Phonecian group of cities being some of those cities the Hyksos left an Israelite by then also known as Jewish army to hold for them and pay them a tax.

Once in Tyre and most likely Troy; the Israelites/Jews set to rebuild the infrastructure of their culture they were force marched out of Israel (Egypt; the west side of the Nile between Sakkara and Giza according to the documentation of both the temple of Thebes, the Narmer Plate, and Narmer Passport). Pharaoh Narmer was of course the Scorpion King.

The Temple of Ptah according to legend was a copy of the original Temple in Heliopolis.

You have to remember something of beyond importance; Israel and the Jews have been under close to if not outright genocide condition for almost the last 5000 years without stop. The NAZI are only responsible for 15 years of nasty behavior. Additional genocide before and after has and is still occurring. Under genocide conditions. It is an absolute necessity to hide truth as to be able to continue surviving.

So when Fr Francolon chose to build his own mission after receiving sufficient training from his time in Santa Fe and Los Vegas New Mexico. Which happen to be at the end of the Santa Fe Trail. Which the Santa Fe trail has all kinds of interesting Jerusalem connotations too it. Since the Santa Fe Trail itself started essentially decades before the City of St Louis was founded. But a thriving city of many thousands was already present. The English conquered them and renamed the city.

The start of the Santa Fe Trail was close to property owned and had been owned by the Ogle Family since the 1600s; very likely in the 1500s. But since the Ogles were British, not English, and were on the losing side of both the French and Indian war and the Revolutionary War. The Ogle family mark on America was erased.

What does this have anything to do with Miramont Castle. One of the major cities of Northumberland is Newcastle. Newcastle translates to Jerusalem. The Ogle family also by legend paid for the construction of the Santa Maria e.g. Columbus and the 30+ converso and Jews he left in La Nividad. Which a very large Jewish community by DNA has been located in the Desert South West which dates to approximately the end of the 1400s. almost to the year the Converso and Jews were left at La Nividad. Which three years later those men were not at the location when Columbus sailed back. Columbus himself was also a converso which is a converted over Jew to Christianity.

Miramont Castle has a profound amount to do with the Jews, the founding of Christianity, Jonas (the whale/fish; the Jonas fish has become the symbol for Evangelical Christianity), the Ogle family, Jerusalem, the Vatican, the Avignon Papacy, etc.

The architecture of Miramont castle itself was designed in part to reflect the shape and design of the Vatican St. Simon Peters both Basilica and square. But unlike them, which are laying on their back, Fr Francolon chose to create his in the original vertical configuration similar to the Kaaba in Mecca. Which is also a copy by legend of the Temple of Pillars Adam built at Heliopolis. Evidence of this interaction, the parallel foundation walls pointing to where Heliopolis could have been. One of those pointing at walls has the Black Stone Embedded in it. So in a very real effect the black stone has a several foot long wall pointing directly at a specific spot in Egypt around the area Heliopolis is supposed to be.

Eg Y Pt, translates to Temple(EG)<Pillars> of
like emoticon Pt (god). No reason to assume Hieroglyphics we spell god with a god with more than one Israelite group and thousands of years no reason to assume they did not have more than one spelling for the divine, Pt being just one name for the God of Jesus. Aten being another spelling of the divine of Jesus.

Oddly enough one very likely reason the rebuilt temple Zerubbabel was laying on its back instead of three stories it is divided into three sections, the design was to reflect that the Temple of Zerubbabel and the Bent Pyramid Causeway are pointing at each other. Of course only one portion of that remains the Bent Pyramid Causeway.

Heliopolis translates as Jerusalem. Helio new day/sun which is the Futhark word Jera. Opolis does not translate as city or settlement it translates as Sacred/Holy City. Salem translates as Holy City. New Sacred City. A castle is a fortification with a Sanctioned working church inside; which since Fr Francolon was an ordained Priest he built a Private church into his building. Making his building a Castle. Helio (Jera) Opolis (Sacred City aka Salem); Jeru Salem.

Solomon’s Temple, built by Demons; we can prove that place either strong magnets close to each other and a zero gravity sphere will be created under the correct parameters. Sound will do the same thing again under strict parameters. Tesla and the construction of Miramont occurred the same time within miles of each other.

Miramont castle and its associated Hospital were as a matter of hard fact Wired for Electricity. The hospital burned due to an electrical fire; point of interest, the fire started within a few months after the equipment Tesla was forced to leave in his Colorado Springs Lab was sold off to pay his debts. Some of this equipment was built for what we 120 years later call a WiFi signal. It is logical to assume someone whom purchased one of his pieces of equipment played with the devide, that play could have and most likely did turned on one of the electrical devices in the Hospital causing the fire.

From the 1600s to the start of World War I; many medical devices were created which functioned with and or by using electricity. In a variety of ways. So the Hospital had more than a few medical devices which used electricity.

At the turn of the 19th century to the 20th Colorado Springs was experiencing a profound wave of influence from one of the Great Awakening Movements. Catholic was bad enough; Avignon was close to evil bad for the evangelical movements of the time. Both Tesla and Fr Francolon experienced a growing unwelcomeness from the religious in the area. Eventually both left the area in order to avoid the persecution.

FreeMasonry and Miramont Castle
FreeMasonry in the post Exodus age was created by way of just before the Temple of Solomon was completed, the events formed FreeMasonry. Which is in truth not correct, the ceremony dates back to Noah and his three sons interacting circa 4000 b.c.e. The FreeMason Ceremony is a direct descendent of the Noachite Rite Ceremony.
Since Miramont Castle was designed to be as close to a direct copy of King Solomon’s temple Jerusalem, it is only logical for FreeMason Ceremonies the three degree Rites of FreeMasonry to be performed within the Building. Under strict FreeMason rules and regulation of course.

The shape and design of the Castle is also a fascinating exploration but that is another story.




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