Fred Broecker
For newer members who aren't aware, the Massachusetts Grand Chapter was being run by miscreants who aligned themselves with the malcontents who were trying to form a schism or Anti-Carl faction in the WSMRA. Andy got them to sponsor his Kings Guard Chapter and issue them a Grand Chapter charter when they did their hostile takeover of the NY Grand Chapter in Long Island.

Several months later the GL of Mass issued an edict against the WS in their jurisdiction. I saw that as Karma in action for getting into bed with the KG chapter and helping them to supplant the recognized Grand Chapter in NY. Before Massachusetts meddled in NY's business the Long Island chapter was willing to turn over leadership as long as Lee Thompson and his guys could continue to wear their Grand Chapter rockers but Andy wouldn't compromise. It was his way or the highway.

After the edict against the WS in Massachusetts they changed their name to Branded Brothers and took out 'Masonic" Riders Association and made it "Motorcycle" Association as a workaround to the edict. The GL wasn't pleased but chose not to charge anyone for disobeying the edict because they started behaving themselves better.

When the edict came out against the WS in NY, Andy did the same thing. He took out the requirement for being a MM and referred to them as a Motorcycle Association and not a Masonic Association. It's only my opinion, but I think that WS chapters being insubordinate to their Grand Lodges played a role in the Anti-WS sentiment among the Canadian Grand Lodges, in addition to the "Biker Mentality" and rebellious attitudes that has worked its way into the membership under the so-called leadership of the Alliance. Brothers fail to realize that GL's do talk to each other and compare notes. When they see insubordination toward their governance of the Craft, disunity, and schisms within this Association it reflects badly on everyone. We understood this years ago which is why Carl started promoting the slogan: "Masons first, Widows Sons second". Despite our best efforts to change a growing culture where our members were putting the WS above their Masonic membership, it fell on too many deaf ears and now we're paying the price.

We have a plan for repairing the damage to this organization and bringing it back to the days when the WS was an asset to our fraternity and not a liability. If the brethren were willing to go along with it, it would allow Carl & myself to fully retire peacefully and I would be willing & able to surrender my copyright to the Association. But the guys who control the Alliance want no part of it and prefer to maintain a competing sub-organization within the organization. As long as the schism exists we'll only continue to decline and lose more of our jurisdictions to GL edicts and our bad reputation will only get worse.

If the brethren ever decide to abandon this course of disunity and engage in a true restoration of the WSMRA, we're willing to do everything we can to make it happen. Then once the future of our association is safe from the never-ending internal threats from malcontents and power-seekers, we can lay down our working tools and turn things over to an elected body that can guide our future progress & success.