First, I would like to wish all the brothers who have joined the Widows Sons to support its purpose of aiding and assisting the widows and orphans of Master Masons a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, then I thank you for following the goals of the Widows Sons.

Our sole founding purpose, since Feb 18, 1998, is aiding and assisting widows and orphans of Master Masons FIRST before any other charity, and only by remaining rigid and following this purpose will we be true to the great Widows Sons organization we joined.

Follow OUR goal and you will reach it. Stay committed to the widows and orphans of our departed brethren. We owe it to them and it is in the obligation we took. We are the only Masonic group exclusively formed to aid and assist widows and orphans of Master Masons, and I believe that to be the most honorable purpose in which a Mason can partake, and a fulfillment of the Masonic obligation we promised to keep.  It is a difficult task that takes a lot of deep thought. Because our task is difficult some are not strongly committed and will try to move away from our purpose because there is more publicity in other charities. Please don't allow those who are not strong or committed enough to fulfill our goal attempt to deter you from this noble and glorious purpose. The Widows Sons is NOT a vehicle to be driven to support any other  charities before our widows and orphans obligation is completely fulfilled. No purpose, no publicity vehicle or other should be put in front of or before our departed brethren's widows and orphans. Although many other charities will receive more public praise and publicity, we were founded to aid and assist widows and orphans and fulfill our noble and glorious purpose rather than seeking a high publicity profile.  Widows and orphans of Master Masons is the only reason the Widows Sons were founded.

I have learned much about widows by marrying a widow in her early stages of grief. What I have learned on the front lines is that our obligation of aiding and assisting widows and orphans is a really tough challenge because widows and orphans are in deep pain, are grieving, and feel very confused and angry at times. Because of this we have to be very sensitive with them or we will blow it, leaving them in a worse state than we arrived to aid and assist them. It's a challenge that is very difficult but has high rewards from the heavens above. Just throwing money in their direction and leaving them to fend for themselves does not always help their pain and grief and other emotions they are facing. If they need financial help, by all means give it, but when they don't, there are many other things they will be unable to manage due to their grief and pain, such as home maintenance, auto maintenance, transportation, and fellowship allowing them to talk about their feelings of grief and pain from their loss. They will also have worries of their future, and as Widows Sons we should find a way to ensure them that their future is secure. Always remember, being there for them is more important than leaving them to fend for themselves in a state of constant worry. Show them you are a Widows Son and are going to aid them however they may need it. It may even be taking up a monthly chapter collection and taking them to breakfast, lunch, or dinner once a month. A good example of a true Widows Son chapter is the One-Five Chapter in Illinois. They are committed to our purpose and their lead should be followed. My hat is off to them.

As founder of the Widows Sons, seeing our membership busy at work aiding and assisting widows and orphans of Master Masons makes me very proud to be the one who founded the Widows Sons. I would like to ask each Grand Chapter President to make a New Years commitment, (not a resolution),  to guide your chapter and your affiliate chapters to work in unity to make our purpose of aiding and assisting the widows and orphans of our departed brethren first before any other charity you decide to support.

Thank you all and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the Widows Sons, and I'd like to tell the world what your chapter is doing for our widows and orphans. You can show the world your support for our widows and orphans by sending us a write up about your widow and orphan events with several photos to the WSMag.


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